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Retirement | Dr. Rod Dolmage

dolmage-rodRod came to the U of R, Faculty of Education in 1995, where he has taught educational administration in the undergraduate and graduate programs. Rod has held a variety of positions in his time here, including Chair of Educational Administration subject area, Chair, and later, Associate Dean, of education graduate programs, President of the Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education, and Director and Chair of the Centre for International Education and Training (CIET). With CIET, Rod was actively involved in international development projects, particularly in China, as well as working along with others to keep CIET alive, despite increasingly constrained parameters. Rod also authored So You Want to Be a Teacher: The Guide to Teaching as a Career Choice in Canada.

Rod’s involvement with the growth and development of the faculty’s education graduate programs, specifically the Ph.D. programs was a highlight for him. Rod says, “I had the opportunity to work with some incredibly bright and talented graduate students.”

Another noteworthy accomplishment is Rod’s writing of the University’s Intellectual Property Policy, work he found both “challenging and rewarding.”

Rod’s work in the faculty reflects his view of the value of the work done with the Faculty: “We attempt to prepare people who will have a profound influence on the development of the next several generation of Canadian citizens…and Canada desperately needs several generations of citizens much more aware and thoughtful than those who came before them (and yes, that includes us). What could be more significant?”

A main goal for his retirement is to “stop living the deadlines, to relax, to work in my shop, and to go fishing.” As advice to his colleagues, Rod says, “When you have sabbatical, leave, get out of town!”