Dr. Abu Bockarie

bockarie-abuDr. Abu Bockarie’s areas of expertise are adult vocational and technical education and training, human resources development, literacy training, lifelong learning, innovations in instruction and learning, training of trainers, academy-industry relations, work-based training, and educational and training policy analysis. At present, he is conducting two major studies both of which are part of transdisciplinary research projects funded by SSHRCC. The research projects are entitled “Exploring the links among education, training and human resources development and productivity” and “The role of educationand training in social cohesion in Southern Saskatchewan.” Dr. Bockarie’s other research projects are: “The Use of Interactive Informational Technology in Instruction at the University of Regina”; “Analysis of Social Partnerships for Training: A Case Study of the Saskatchewan Labour Force Development Board”; and “A Study of the Organisation and Administration of Vocational and Technical Education in Saskatchewan.” He is a co-applicant for a SSHRC Developmental grant to conduct a research on workplace training and development in Saskatchewan. Dr. Bockarie’s previous research includes analysis of public policies in education and training in British Columbia, the vocational role of universities in British Columbia, and adult literacy and development in Sierra Leone. Several of Dr. Bockarie’s research reports are now in the pre-publication stage. He has however prepared several conference reports.

Academic Qualifications

PhD, AdultEducation, Department of Educational Studies, University of BritishColumbia, Vancouver, BC. Canada, 1995
Dissertation: Adult Literacy and Development in Sierra Leone: Ideals and Realities.

MEd, Psychopedagogy, Department of Education, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 1989
Comprehensive Exams: Adult Learning and Development: A Critical Review of Research and related Literature.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education, Fourah Bay College,University of Sierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1981
Thesis: TheCrystals Youth Club: A Case Study of the Role of NongovernmentalOrganizations (NGOs) in Adult Technical and Vocational Education inSierra Leone.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Education, Fourah Bay College, University ofSierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1978
Thesis: Education and Development in Sierra Leone: The Case of Vocational and Technical Institutes. 1978.

BA (Honours) History, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, Freetown, Sierra Leone, 1977
Thesis: The Mendes of Sierra Leone: A Historical Study of the Impact of Western Influence on their Cultures and Traditions

E-mail: Abu.Bockarie@uregina.ca

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